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March 9th



Will pay for work!

Are you currently fumbling around in WordPress:  fixing bugs, designing themes, or writing custom plugins?  We are currently looking to fill a position on our team that does not require you to sit in an office from 9 to 5.  We have flexible schedules, plentiful clients, and a fruitful operation.  If you enjoy WordPress and think you can bring something wonderful to our team, go through this process.

Technical Requirements

  1. Know wordpress like your own underpants!  This means you can basically do anything in WordPress we might require from plugin development to basic queries; and simple to advanced modifications.
  2. Development within LAMP stack.
  3. HTML / CSS / XML / jQuery
  4. Ability to work within Photoshop,  Code Designs from PSD and integrate into theme base.

So, that’s basically it.  We do not need you to sit down behind a desk and crank out a design.  However, if you can, make sure you let us know!  We are always looking to expand and if you can help with that.. let’s just say you’ll have some fans.  We believe in working for our staff and we would love to show you how awesome we really are.

If you are wanting to apply, send an email to itsmyjob@justtheweb.com including all your typical contact information (Name, phone, portfolio, etc), employment history or references.  We are not looking to relocate you, but you can telecommute.  This is a contract position and compensation is based on your experience and how much we like you.  We do not discriminate on age, sex, religion, race and all that jazz.  We don’t hate.  So, make sure you don’t either.

Additionally, we need you to give us 100 word responses to the following question:

If you have anything else you think we need to know, just include it in the email!


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