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July 20th



We’re Maturing.. A Glimpse Inside

Owning and operating a small business is tough, most of the time.  Especially for a small web development and design house that tries to stay on the bleeding edge.  Over the recent year, Just the Web has grown in to more than I ever imagined.  Although there may not be scientific evidence as to how we have successfully jumped hurdles, played with fire or wasted money, I do have some well-rounded opinions and statements to give you an idea of, how we do it ’round here.

The statement, “Keep moving forward!”  is a line from Meet the Robinsons, but it is a seriously kick-ass statement.  More so than not, we sit down to brain-storm and attempt to come up with strategy as to how we are going to continue doing this whole web chin-dig.  Whether it be from expanding our market reach through new software technologies or open-up to new platforms, we think about it a whole-heck-of-a-lot!  I encourage you to really think about it.  In order to keep moving forward, you must first realize that where you are is not where you want to be.

In the book The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce wrote, “A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue,” as the definition of patience.  I would tell you that eventually your business or self will get to where you want through patience, but I think I would be lying.  I have spent night after night thinking about everything that needs to be done to drive Just the Web to get some place other than it is.  In short, patience has done nothing but cause me to be frustrated and stressed.  Take it from me, you need to get out there and take about fourteen dozen risks to really get stuff sorted.  Risks are a difficult decision to make, specifically risks that involve other people.

I often believe I can do it on my own, and over time I have realized it is a more than wasteful series of thoughts.  At the beginning of this year I took a huge risk with Just the Web and a long-term friendship.  After weeks of thinking on it, I decided to take the leap and reach-out to a friend Nick Switzer.  For years Nick has been listening to my relentless stories, watching my antics and giving me advice.

In January 2009, Nick Switzer, Tulsa, Oklahoma joined the Just the Web team as more than just a thought-provoking friend and new business partner.  He brought a whole new level and dynamic to Just the Web.  Nick is not a web developer, he is not a web designer and he is not much for the daily grind of programming.  Despite his non-passion for web development, he is passionate about something that we needed very much.. business.

Nick has a Graduate degree in Business from The University of Tulsa accompanied by a handful of other degrees:  MIS, Computer Science, Mathematics and Finance.  Nick has the ability to take what I call an idea, and turn it into a successful business plan.  This expertise is something we have lacked around here for quite a while.  Without much else to say, Nick is the stick that keeps this pot stirring.  Every now and again I throw in a temper tantrum, anxiety attack or mental breakdown to dilute the strength of our stew, but Nick continually stirs it up and keeps us boiling.  (okay that was a weird way to describe us..)

I have realized that growing up is more than just getting a bit older, becoming a tad stronger, or making a slightly larger amount of money.  It is something that happens in everything around you.  A bit of a maturing curve so-to-speak.  Thus far, watching Just the Web really re-shape itself into more than just a development company has been quite interesting.  Nick has leveraged our existing assets against new opportunities to help us create more doorways for success.  I am a firm believer in success being contagious.

Success is not a characteristic easily measured.  In fact, I do not even know how you would properly measure success.  Last I checked there was not a “successometer,” for sale on Amazon or eBay.  Success is one of those things that everyone wants and most people aren’t working towards.  If you find yourself doubting your success, than you probably need to be working harder.  The days when I feel most successful and accomplished are the days that I find myself awake at 3:00AM going out of my way to really iron-out a bug, or harass someone into finishing something.  Success is not hereditary, it is not a gift, it is a decision.  Once you determine what success is for you, everything else comes a bit easier.

If everything we attempted were naturally easy and without challenge, it probably would not be worth going after.  Try to sleep on that..

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