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July 7th



How About a Make Over

Over the previous six to eight months we have designed and developed eleven new blogs; mapped and developed four custom WordPress plug-ins; modified and provided support for sixty-seven third-party theme clients; and have had little to no down-time available to work on our own portfolio.  In the spirit of getting things done around the office, we finally found ourselves in a position to dedicate a bit of time and good-ole’ creative love towards ourselves and launch a new Just the Web showcase.

We are dedicated to work and providing quality creative deliverable media to our clients, but knowing how to express that material here, in a company blog, is something we are definitely not accustomed to.  Over the previous months we have been collecting our thoughts as to what to provide our viewers:  potential clients, revisiting clients, and those who stumble upon us because of our addiction to caffeine.  What have we come up with — a whole lot of nothing!

Our community drives us, our peers push us, and hopefully we throw a bit of inspiration back in to the mix from time to time.  Subscribe to the feed, find yourself revisiting often, and hopefully, eventually, someday.. we will have something useful for you to read.

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