Weaving a Wholesome Web

Just the Web is a highly energetic team of graphic designers, application developers, and user interaction specialists from Tulsa, Oklahoma that creates functional, expressive, and usable web designs; objective focused, scalable, and compatible web applications; and intuitive UI focused interfaces. Contact Us Today!  1-877-HIRE-JTW


We are a web (our definition of web: network, friends, crowd, and people who are smarter than us) of individuals who primarily hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma, however exceptional designers, developers, and individuals demonstrating revolutionary and pioneering efforts within our industry are few and far between.

Because of this, Just the Web consists of individuals spread out across North America and Europe. Email, instant messaging, and a variety of software platforms and telecommunications devices keep us connected. This connection creates a virtual satellite office. This office helps us create solid bonds between members, foster creativity, and provide us with the means to stay above the curve with demanding, global clients, while maintaining sustainability in our personal lives.

“Everyday people are being sucked into the game of web design, interaction, and development and each day that passes — more and more people are becoming victims of absolutely horrible work. We work towards the demise of bad design, the creation of victims, and lack of supioer quality amongst the internet.

Thus, we call our clients, our survivors. We keep our survivors a float, treading water, and safe from all the horror stories surrounding grossly over-price and sub-par design standards.”

The statement, “I cannot stand my job!” is a statement not heard amongst our team. Believe it or not — it is not because we attack each other with sticks and other blunt objects until the words are missing from our vocabulary. It is because we are absolutely obsessed with the geek(ery) and technology behind our industry. Someone could tell you they love their job and enjoy what they do, and we are not in a position to say they are lying…

We are saying, if you find yourself negotiating a project with us, you will get a team of people who are in-love with the process, details, and deliverable media associated with your project.

Our creations are more than a website, identity, or application — they are the result of proven methods and studies that we are passionate about. We will do more than build you a website or design your next sales brochure; we will deliver a digital solution quickly and efficiently and we do it with style!

Once upon a decaffeinated pot of coffee, we made an attempt at the “professional” tactics associated with online business. We discovered feelings of inadequacy and became unsatisfied with the approach. We believed that doing business in such a way was lying to ourselves and our clients. We decided to go back to our roots and start-over with a new objective:

A group consisting of geeks: goofy, a little odd, and have funny hair cuts. We have found that our strength and lack of conformity to the whole “professional” image is actually looked-up-to by our peers and respected by our clients. We removed the fluffy overhead that came with sales

If you are in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you schedule a meeting to discuss your project, you are likely to be visited by someone with a 5″ mohawk, denim jeans that have been ripped to shreds, and a work shirt displaying one of his favorite patches.

We are coders, artists, and geeks. Individuals living normal lives: active citizens in our community, activists for what we believe in, and a group of people who rival the rest. We have projects to show off our talents and quality of work and satisfied clients that will back up our claims.

With Just the Web you get a network web of individuals who will deliver a project so streamlined and smooth you will question why you ever thought of using anyone else.

We serve up Tulsa Web Design and our Tulsa web developers. We also do a fair amount of Wordpress development and are very good at it.